How do I watch VR scenes in 2D?

VR scenes can be downloaded and watched in 2D through a special app called Kolor Eyes by GoPro.

For Computers

    1. 1. Download and install Kolor Eyes by GoPro:

* Please note that upon download, the new app name will now be GoPro VR Player.

  1. 2. Log into the
  2. 3. Select a VR Scene and click on VR Downloads
  3. 4. Open the GoPro VR Player app and click through until it says “Drop your file(s) here”
  4. 5. Find the VR Video in your downloads folder and drag it over to the GoPro VR Player app
  5. 6. The video will start to play
  6. 7. You can change the position of the screen using your mouse to enjoy the full 180 experience


For the iPad/iPhone

  1. 1. On your iPad/iPhone, go to the App Store
  2. 2. Search for the app GoPro VR and download it
  3. 3. On your PC, Log into the
  4. 4. Select a VR Scene and click on VR Downloads
  5. 5. Click on “VR Download”
  6. 6. Connect your iPad/iPhone to your PC
  7. 7. Go to iTunes and click on the iPad/iPhone icon at the top left hand side
  8. 8. Click on Apps in the left hand navigation under Settings
  9. 9. Scroll down to File Sharing and select the GoPro VR app
  10. 10. Click on Add File and select the VR file virtual porn video
  11. 11. On your iPad/iPhone, open the GoPro VR app
  12. 12. Tap on Local Videos in the left hand navigation
  13. 13. Tap on the video you’d like to watch
  14. 14. The video will look like it’s a black screen. Use your finger to drag the video into view


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